Wilderness Magazine Edition 3: OCEANS

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Wilderness Magazine Edition 3: OCEANS


Order Issue 03 of Wilderness Magazine. The theme for this issue is OCEANS which we'll be exploring through a series of photo stories, interviews, essays and more.


  • "Beakheads and Fish Mongers" Photo story and interview with Michael Cevoli, documenting New England fishermen

  • The Weight of Anxiety" essay on the depths of the mind by Chris Wiersma

  • "Below and Beyond" artist feature on Josh Keyes

  • Interview with Michael Muller, cage free shark photographer

  • Excerpts from Moby Dick by Herman Melville

  • Interview with pro surfer and director Chris Malloy

  • "Cruise Control" satirical essay by Joyce Voyage

  • "A Beautiful Mess" photo story on the Gulf oil spill by Daniel Beltra 

  • Interview with Fabien Cousteau on carrying on Jacques legacy

  • "Sea Monsters" photo story on deep sea creatures by David Shale

  • "Canada to Florida" adventure story about a Canadian family's 9 month sailing trip on a handmade trimaran

  • Interview with Richard Rohr, best-selling author and Franciscan mystic

  • "Slipping Away" photo story on Sean Yoro's environmental art

  • "Desert/Oceans" poetry by Natalie Wise

  • "Island Remedy" essay on addiction and recovery by Rebekah Jenkins

  • Photo story on racing sailboats by Ainhoa Vidales

  • Feature on Hobie Alter's first surfboard

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